Jane Rosse and friends - Cycling from Cambridge to St Ives

Jane Rosse

I'm raising money and awareness of haemochromatosis

Cycling for your family


Its a genetic condition that people and their families need to be aware of, as if untreated or undiagnosed it can sneak up on you. It affects my family. Who wouldn't do everything for family?

Doing it for Col 💪🏽

Jennifer Borland

As a family we wanted to raise some awareness of this awful condition that contributed to the loss of someone very special to us.

Farrell Tansey

Sharon Wade

In loving memory of Farrell Tansey

The Big Shave

Scott Pugsley

To raise awareness and help find a cure for HH

Running the Chester marathon in aid of Haemochromatosis

Mitchell Bibb

Haemochromatosis has recently affected my family and Haemochromatosis UK has supported us through this time. To show my appreciation I am fundraising and running the marathon in aid of the charity.

Mark's London Vitality 10K 2023

Mark Venn

To increase awareness of 'iron overload' and raise funds for the vital charity Haemachromatosis UK.

Sammy&Emma’s London Vitality 10k Run

Sammy Park Emma Moxham

We are IV Therapy Nurse Specialist and run the community venesection service in our IV clinic.
Most of our patients have haemochromatosis.

Vitality London 10k 2023 for Haemochromotosis UK

Paul Townley

I am fundraising for Haemochromotosis UK to support their work in raising awareness of Haemochromotosis and the advice to those with the condition

Bethan’s London Vitality 10k for HUK

Bethan Weston Smith

To increase awareness of 'iron overload', raise funds for the charity Haemachromatosis UK, and for Joseph who lives with this disease.

Zoe's Marathon Fundraiser

Zoe Stark

On October the 1st I will be running the Loch Ness marathon and want to use this as an opportunity to fundraise for a cause that has a lot of local significance to me. I sadly lost my Auntie Bronwen 'Bonnie' Stark/Mackay to complications of haemochromatosis in 2020.
Running this race so close to where she lived - I would like to help raise money to aid funds for the treatment and raise awareness of this condition.

King's +Fe Maiden Team ( LOPD )

Estrelita Balentogo

Fund raise for Haemochromatosis UK to help with research and raise awareness

Simon Shore - Manchester Half Marathon

Simon Shore

As someone who has been diagnosed with Haemochromatosis I want to raise awareness of the disorder and show that despite the symptoms which can be debilitating it is possible to achieve your own personal goals.

Jane Rosse and friends cycling form Cambridge to St Ives

Jane Rosse

To raise awareness and money for my Haemochromatosis patients in Cambridge

Kate's Haemochromatosis fundraising page

Kate .

to raise awareness and support early diagnosis into this genetic disease

Bamber Bridge Three Peaks Challenge

Neil Crowe

This is for a friend of ours who has been recently diagnosed with haemochromatosis.

Megan’s Hackney Half

Megan Gallagher

In memory of my lovely dad and for my boyfriend who currently lives with this disease.