Volunteer as a steering group member in England

We are seeking volunteers to join a steering group for our "Pass It On" programme in England. Read more

Genetic Testing for Haemochromatosis

Our genetic testing service for haemochromatosis, at a glance. Order a home-testing kit by post, get the results within 2 weeks. Read more

Ask Alice, our virtual nurse a question

Alice is trained by us to answer questions about haemochromatosis, thoughtfully & privately. Read more

H63D/S65C Compound Heterozygous

People who have one gene H63d and one gene S65C are known as “compound heterozygotes”. Read more

C282y/S65C Compound Heterozygous

People who have one gene C282y and one gene S65C are known as “compound heterozygotes”. Read more

S65C carrier (also known as “S65C heterozygous”)

If you are a “S65C carrier” it means that you have inherited a single copy of the S65C variant from one of your parents. Read more

Facebook Support Group - Have Your Say!

Our Facebook Support Group has almost doubled in size over the past 4 years. We're keen to hear what people think of the group and how we can improve it. Read more

MyIron+ App for Iron Overload

Manage your genetic haemochromatosis with our app. Designed by people with iron overload - for people just like you. Read more

Iron Overload Buddies

Would you like to buddy-up for iron overload advice? Chat with a Buddy every couple of weeks for up to 3 months, by phone at a time that suits you. Read more

Volunteer as a GH Buddy

We’re seeking enthusiastic and skilled volunteers with an interest in haemochromatosis to help provide the Hemochromatosis UK Buddy scheme. Read more

Improved blood donation arrangements in England

We've negotiated improved donor arrangements for people with genetic haemochromatosis living in England. Read more

Buddy Report

Read more