At Haemochromatosis UK we have an Education Programme specifically tailored to GPs to get identify and diagnose patients with genetic haemochromatosis as well as offering support and ongoing treatment to patients already diagnosed.

Following the British Society of Haematology Guidelines each training session provide in-depth coverage of genetic haemochromatosis (GH). With over 380,000 people now affected by GH in the UK, and the condition being greatly undiagnosed (80-90%) the training is a must for clinicians working in any part of the UK. GH treatment is simple, clinically-effective and cheap. Left untreated, people with GH can experience liver disease, cancers, heart problems, diabetes, chronic fatigue and acute joint pain.

Our primary care training video covers :

  • An introduction to GH, including the latest prevalence statistics
  • The key gene mutations that lead to GH  
  • How to identify early, classic and late-stage GH symptoms in patients
  • The impact of later symptoms in regards to patients and NHS resources
  • How to support the GH patient care pathways and when to refer to secondary care
  • The ongoing management and treatment for a patient with GH
  • When family screening and genetic counselling should be performed.

Watch this presentation to gain :

  • An understanding of the prevalence and genetics of haemochromatosis
  • How to identify and manage patients with the condition
  • The support and resources which Haemochromatosis UK provide to clinicians to enable patients to live well with GH

All training materials have been approved by our Clinical Advisory Panel.

RCGP Accredited Resources

Our online eLearning course is available for all UK-based GPs and attracts 0.5 CPD points upon completion. Developed in partnership with the Royal College of GPs, simply log on and start learning.

RCGP eLearning on GH

Additional Resources

To download a copy of our GP Presentation contact us.

You can watch one of our GP webinars here.

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