What's it like becoming a GH blood donor?

Our Social Media Community and Volunteer Manager, Elizabeth reflects on her experiences of the new blood donation scheme and shares some details from behind-the-scenes. Read more

Marilyn suffered from fatigue and arthritis for years until...

...being diagnosed with genetic haemochromatosis, a genetic condition which means the body absorbs too much iron. Read more

What is Genetic Counselling? Find out here

Our Genetic Counsellor, Helen Bethell, has been on board the team since April 2020.  In this blog she explains exactly what genetic counselling is and what you can expect if you book in a session with her…. Read more

Mark diagnosed with haemochromatosis after father died of liver cancer

Mark Williams knows how lucky he is to have been diagnosed with haemochromatosis – all because he pressed for investigation of a sore shoulder. Sadly his father Mike, was not so lucky. He died of liver cancer five years ago, at the age of 72, after a rapid decline. The family had no idea that the cancer was caused by haemochromatosis. Read more

“I was convinced my liver cancer was terminal” – second chance after genetic diagnosis

A nagging sore shoulder led businessman Nick Hopkinson MBE down a path which saw him diagnosed with haemochromatosis, and having half his liver removed to save his life from cancer. Read more

Haemochromatosis battle hindered by iron-eating sea creature

Mike Smith, 66, feels he has been “dismantled” by haemochromatosis, having endured battles with blood iron levels since he was diagnosed in 1998, culminating in liver cancer. Read more