We work closely with NHS Blood & Transplant to create opportunities for people with genetic haemochromatosis to become blood donors. In April 2019, the donation rules in England were simplified making it much easier for people with GH to register as blood donors.

If you are pre-maintenance...

No, you cannot become a blood donor. But don't despair... Once you have reached maintenance, many people with genetic haemochromatosis can donate their blood.

If you have reached maintenance stage...

Yes, you can become a blood donor and help others through your donations.

However, people with genetic haemochromatosis :

  • must be able to meet all the donor selection criteria 
  • must be able to meet all the NHSBT coronavirus criteria - please do not donate if you feel unwell
  • must be free from any organ or tissue damage as a result of iron overload
  • must not be not taking drugs for their condition (eg oral iron chelators)

If you are donating blood for the first time, you must be between 17 years old and 66 years old. If you have given blood in the past and are over 66 years old, you may be able to donate, subject to additional criteria.

How do I register as a blood donor if I have genetic haemochromatosis?

If you have reached maintenance stage and meet the donor criteria above, simply call the Give Blood National Contact Centre (NCC) helpline to register on 0300 123 23 23. 

What else should I be aware of?

NHS Blood & transplant have produced a helpful leaflet which explains the process and the donor registration criteria. We include this in all our membership joining packs - it may also be downloaded for free here.

Information for Donors with GH

Please note that the NHS Blood & Transplant donation criteria vary slightly in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

For further details :