People with genetic haemochromatosis may become donors with the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS), provided there is no evidence of organ damage and subject to the normal donor eligibility criteria.

NIBTS GH Leaflet (updated January 2024)

This applies to people in maintenance as well as pre-maintenance. A referral from your hospital consultant is required, which can be completed online.

People whose serum ferritin is over 1000 ng/ml must be reviewed by a hospital specialist, before being accepted as a donor. Provided there is no evidence of liver cirrhosis or cardiac issues, people with high ferritin levels can be accepted as donors by NIBTS.

How do I register as a GH donor and book a blood donation session?

If you live in Northern Ireland, contact NIBTS on freephone 08085 534 666 or text "BLOOD" to 60081.

We hope this special scheme will be value to many members. If you can, please get involved! 

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