In Scotland, people with genetic haemochromatosis who are in the maintenance phase, can become blood donors through the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS). To become a donor, you must be referred by your specialist hospital unit. This can be by a consultant or by a specialist venesection nurse (under the supervision of a hospital consultant).

At present, registered donors with genetic haemochromatosis can donate their blood to SNBTS no more often than every 12 weeks. This means that newly diagnosed people with genetic haemochromatosis, requiring frequent venesections (ie every 1 or 2 weeks), will continue to require hospital venesections before referral to SNBTS.

How do I register as a GH donor and book a blood donation session?

If you live in Scotland and are in maintenance, contact your hospital consultant to request a referral to SNBTS. These are the details for your healthcare team to do this (including a blank referral form).

Presently, if you live in Scotland and are pre-maintenance, you cannot be a blood donor. Our charity is actively working with the Scottish Government, SNBTS and local clinicians to expand the donation service to people with genetic haemochromatosis who are pre-maintenance. If the situation in Scotland changes, we shall post the details here and on our social media channels.