My dad died from a massive heart attack at 65 and mum from cancer at 54. I feel a lot is already done for these charities (never enough) so, I wanted to raise awareness of haemochromatosis too, as few people have even heard of it.
It's hereditary, and my father-in-law died from it (late diagnosis not helping), so my wife has now to contend with it daily - together with the arthritis, fatigue, weakness etc. She still cycles to work every day working for the NHS, has to watch her diet and drinking, but this and the fitness helps a lot. Our son also has the gene too, so we are always aware of its impact on even young lives.
I can't run anymore due to back injury, so all those marathons are out, so biking is my chosen option.
If I can drop off some leaflets at various campsites, cafes, restaurants, just to try and inform people of this awful genetic condition and provide simple ways that they can try and reduce its effect then why not. Also if, now that i am over 60, I can raise a few quid for the Haemochromatosis UK charity, while I am out on my bike in the UK and abroad, all the better. First trip, May, self-supported bike packing to the east coast (Whitby) and back. MARK CAIRNS