I was diagnosed back in 2021 with the disease and I have suffered with all the symptoms it causes and I have found normal life at times extremely difficult. I only started receiving treatment in March this year, but since being treated I feel much better. What was especially frustrating was the process of getting diagnosed and actually receiving the treatment, which is a simple procedure but makes such a huge difference. Prior to my venesections I was unable to run which was something I loved doing, mainly due to the extreme fatigue the disease causes. Now I am able to do what I love, I have run for other charities in the past but this time I want to run for something that is close to my heart. This year has been especially difficult not just with the disease but dealing with difficulties with my mental health, but running has been my release, therefore I have decided to enter the Manchester Half Marathon in October of this year. I have begun training and making good progress, but this will still be a huge achievement for me. I know things are extremely difficult with the cost of living so no matter how small your donation it would be appreciated gratefully. Simon Shore