Venesection Best Practice Guidance (Second Edition)

Fully revised and updated in March 2022. This useful guide is being fully revised & updated for publication later in 2024. For further details or to join the waitlist for a free copy, please contact our office.

This Royal College of Nursing endorsed guidance has been developed to support the care of adult patients undergoing therapeutic venesection, for conditions including genetic haemochromatosis. This guidance represents the culmination of 3 years' collaboration and consultation with practising nurses and healthcare professionals under the auspices of UK registered charity Haemochromatosis UK.

This book provides detailed best practice guidance in delivering therapeutic venesection safely to patients, including :

  • Conditions requiring venesection
  • Scope of Practice and evidence based care
  • Role of the support worker
  • The principles of delegation
  • Patient experience
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Consent
  • Education and training
  • Patient/caregiver education and involvement
  • Patient safety and quality
  • Therapeutic venesection - detailed guidance and procedure
  • Equipment
  • Post-venesection advice
  • Risks and possible complications

The book comes complete with detailed clinical references and appendices containing venesection consent forms, medical screening assessment forms and integrated clinical pathway guidance.

The book is available for free loan from all Royal College of Nursing libraries, the Kings Fund library, British Library, Bodleian Library (Oxford), University of Cambridge library, Trinity College Dublin library and all public libraries in the United Kingdom. The eBook/Kindle edition is also available from Amazon.