Clinic Pack - Venesection Diaries

A clinic pack of 50 venesection diaries. Totally revised and updated in Spring 2021.

Each diary is 8 pages long with space to record 20 venesection appointments, with :

  • Haemoglobin
  • Serum ferritin
  • Transferrin saturation
  • Blood volume/amount

Each diary includes useful hints & tips for patients on :

  • how to prepare for a venesection
  • what to do after venesection

Each diary includes details of our Haemochromatosis Advice & Information Lines (phone, email).

Clinic packs are available to NHS primary and secondary care settings, including hospitals, GP surgeries and blood donor venues. 

This guide (and many, many others) is included in our membership pack.

Price includes P&P and our administrative costs to prepare purchase order for NHS trusts.