Report : Evaluating the Cost of Illness of Genetic Haemochromatosis in the UK

A detailed study by York Health Economics Consortium & Haemochromatosis UK on the costs of ill-health attributable to genetic haemochromatosis.

For the first time, this new report reveals the true costs to the NHS of the burden of ill-health arising from genetic haemochromatosis, including key conditions such as liver disease, cancer, diabetes, and joint pain arising from the condition. It discusses policy measures that will not only save lives, but also save money.

This ground-breaking evaluation reflects the costs and benefits to the NHS from genetic haemochromatosis.

The main report is A4 and 56 pages long. Each report is accompanied by HUK's hardcover calls-to-action briefing report - a summary of the key takeaways from the report, including accounts from the people behind the numbers. Two reports for the price of one!

Publication date : January 2022 - order now to receive a printed copy upon publication in late January

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