Will you step up now and support HUK's Operation Iron Overload Appeal to carry out life-saving screening? A monthly gift means we can diagnose over and over again - saving hundreds from life-long illness and premature death.

If like me, it took serious illness from iron overload to get a GH diagnosis – then maybe you were a just little bit angry not to be screened sooner. 

Please join with us at HUK and let's do something about it.

Operation Iron Overload will provide free GH health screening for families at-risk across the country.

We will offer free genetic tests to over 60,000 households - leading to 1,000 people getting an early diagnosis and prevention of illness and disability. Just imagine what that will mean for every family. We really need your support to make this happen – that’s why I am asking you to set-up a regular monthly donation to HUK now.

Will you help us with £10, £15, £25 or whatever you want to give?

Will you be one of the special few committed to support the GH cause?

"...without your organisation reaching out to the community with the offer of testing and information, I would have remained totally oblivious to what has being going on in my body and the possible consequences. More worryingly, the possibility that I could have passed a serious, potentially fatal, genetic disorder on to my child - all of which could be managed to avoid catastrophic damage" - Anon, Carrickfergus

Please set-up a direct debit now and help us prevent serious illness and save lives.

Screening is planned for Liverpool, Worthing, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newry and Belfast - your support is needed for these and new areas across the UK.  These funds will be used directly by the charity to help with screening programmes across the UK and then in support of our work on awareness raising, education, research and support for patients and families with GH. Your funds will go further matched by the donations from charitable trusts and foundations across the UK.

Thank you!

Neil Irwin

[P.S. Donations to the Appeal Total show the monthly amount that has been set-up. In reality your monthly Gift will contribute more to the target than is shown. Thank you again and again.]