Haemochromatosis around the World

Haemochromatosis effects people from all over the world. Here is where you can find contact details of charities and associations that help and support those with haemochromatosis in many different countries around the world. Read more

Stephen McGann - why I support Haemochromatosis UK

Stephen McGann - why I support Haemochromatosis UK Read more

Haemochromatosis Advanced Nurse Practitioner

We provide specialist support for members from our haemochromatosis advanced nurse practitioner on all aspects of your diagnosis, care, treatment and genetics. Read more

Latest Coronavirus Advice (November 2020)

We've collated the latest advice on staying well during the Covid-19 pandemic here. Read more

Transcript : Haemochromatosis & blood-injection-injury phobia

This is a transcript of the video "Haemochromatosis & blood-injection-injury phobia", a guide for clinicians, presented by Dr Haris Yennadiou. Read more

Transcript : What is genetic counselling?

This is a transcript of the video "What is genetic counselling?" presented by Helen Bethell. Read more

What to do when things go wrong : Transcript

This is a transcript of the video "What to do when things go wrong...", presented by Tim Spring (partner, Moore Barlow). Read more

Scotland Blood Donation

In Scotland, people with genetic haemochromatosis who are in the maintenance phase, can become blood donors through the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS). Read more

Northern Ireland Blood Donation

People with genetic haemochromatosis may become donors with the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS). Read on for further details. Read more