Earlier this month, we travelled to Brighton to attend the Society for Endocrinology’s (SfE) annual conference BES. It was a privilege to be invited to represent HUK for the first time at this conference, strengthening collaborations with other charity organisations and across a global community of Endocrinologists.

HUK, is now also an approved group member of the SfE Patient Support Groups which allows us to attend endocrine conferences such as this, which not only keeps us informed with latest best practice but also helps us to develop and maintain key relationships in this field. Giving us access to more robust advice for our members that are experiencing endocrine symptoms due to iron overload.

Our Education Manager Sam Hobbs was really impressive to see how informed Endocrinologists are of GH. Many we spoke to were able to recall patients they see with pituitary iron overload leading, which can lead to thyroid problems. Others were familiar with cases of diabetes caused by GH. Endocrinologists are aware for the need to test serum ferritin and transferrin saturation on their patients to rule out GH as the cause of these endocrine issues.

As always, however, many conference attendees were shocked at the prevalence of GH and were keen to learn about the latest statistics. HUK resources flew off the stands with ease – we are happy our information is getting out to the wider healthcare communities.

After a busy Autumn, this was our last conference for 2019, but planning is already in place for further clinician events throughout 2020.