We've been working over the past year to review, refine and revise the charity's strategy for the next few years. 

This has involved lots of discussions with members, trustees, friends, clinicians, staff and the wider GH community, culminating in 2-day strategy workshop in Cambridge in October 2022.

Our strategy comprises several aspects, including our vision, mission, values and core strategic objectives.

Our core objectives are supported by specific operational strategies, covering finance, fundraising, volunteering, communications, technology, external affairs, international matters, genetic screening, membership and equality & inclusion.

You can read more about our strategy below.

Our vision

Our mission

An overview of our strategic objectives

Our values

Our core strategy


Support for people at risk of genetic haemochromatosis

Education for healthcare professionals

Stimulate medical research into genetic haemochromatosis

Raise public awareness of genetic haemochromatosis