Recent research by Haemochromatosis UK has revealed that 1 in 10 people are at risk in Northern Ireland of genetic haemochromatosis.

This month, Haemochromatosis UK launched a £300,000 multi-channel TV, press, billboard and radio campaign to raise awareness of genetic haemochromatosis (iron overload), in partnership with local advertising agency, Genesis and housebuilder Hagan Homes.
This major integrated campaign is running during November on TV, radio, in regional press and on social media across Northern Ireland. Billboards introducing the public to the condition are at shopping centres, at outdoor sites across Belfast & Derry-Londonderry, Belfast City Airport and on local bus routes.

This is the first multi-channel public awareness campaign for genetic haemochromatosis anywhere in the UK. The campaign provides a playful and light-hearted riff on the word "haemochromatosis", to stimulate public interest and encourage people to look into the symptoms for themselves. The ads are thanks to advertising agency boss Stephen Bogan, CEO of Belfast advertising agency Genesis.
“Knowing what I know, the position I am in, I had a moral duty to do something.” Stephen says, after being diagnosed with Haemochromatosis, himself by chance in 2018. Discussing raising awareness, Stephen assures, “people need not be scared of the condition; for many people the solution is so straightforward – giving blood.”

Market research undertaken earlier this year by Genesis revealed that 78% of people locally had not heard of the condition.

Haemochromatosis UK Chief Executive, Neil McClements said: “Early diagnosis saves lives – and every diagnosis starts with public awareness. This campaign is bringing people together to raise awareness of the symptoms of this common, but treatable, genetic condition.”

Ballyclare homebuilder Hagan Homes has pledged £20,000 towards the charity’s genetic health screening programme, which is running alongside the public awareness campaign across Northern Ireland.

James Hagan, Founder and Chair of Hagan Homes, expressed a deeply personal connection to the decision to contribute to the awareness campaign. He said : “Someone near and dear to me has been diagnosed with genetic haemochromatosis, even in the absence of symptoms. Their experience vividly illustrates why this campaign is crucial - most diagnoses reveal no symptoms, and the potential consequences are extremely serious. We are dedicated to supporting our community, and upon learning about the campaign's significance, especially its connection to someone dear, it resonated as the right thing to do.”

As part of the partnership, HUK are providing workplace screening to all Hagan Homes & Genesis Advertising team members as well as distributing discounted testing kits at increased subsidy across the United Kingdom.

You can see a selection of the campaign materials here : 

Until Noon on Thursday 30th November, Haemochromatosis UK members can order genetic test kits for friends & family for just £49 - non-members can order a test for £69 (was £129).