Many people don’t realise they have the condition until it’s too late. Although there isn’t a cure for genetic haemochromatosis, treatment is simple and effective.

Early diagnosis saves lives. Our charity runs a postal testing service as a preventative health initiative that provides the clarity and reassurance people need, with results within 2 weeks and a chance to follow-up with our specialist nursing team on any queries or concerns. 

Check out our website for full details on our haemochromatosis genetic testing service.

If you live in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) or the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, you can order a genetic test by clicking this button :

Order a test kit

So, how does it work?

Genetic testing – at a glance

  • Order a testing kit online - we'll send you a test kit by post
  • Do the test and pop the sample it in the pre-paid post 
  • We send you and your GP the results within 2 weeks, by post
  • Arrange an appointment with our Advanced Nurse Practitioner to discuss the results

Plus - continued support from us when or if you need it. All this is included, when you order a test for £69.

Order a test kit

How do I take the sample using the test kit?

Each test kit comes with everything you need to complete a fingerprick test, along with full instructions. This video shows what's involved in taking a sample for testing.

[#] Our charity receives no NHS, government or industry funding - everything we do is funded by donations. We're able to provide this genetic testing service below cost thanks to thousands of people who have made a donation, done something amazing in their community or remembered us in their will. Every penny we raise is used to help families at risk or affected by genetic haemochromatosis, the UK's most common undiagnosed genetic condition. If you're able to support us with a donation, we would be most grateful.