This page explains how to correctly take a genetic test sample and complete a genetic test request form, if you are using our genetic testing service. We recommend that you take the sample on a weekday and post it back on the same day.

The kits are letterbox sized and look like this :

This video shows how to use the test kit - the full instructions are also shown below.

There are four steps to taking the sample...

Step 1 : open the kit and read the instructions fully before you start

Each test kit comes with full instructions and everything you need to take a sample. Please read the instructions carefully in full, before attempting to take a sample. The instructions are also available online here : genetic test sample instructions

Make sure your have the test request form and instructions to hand when you take the test. They look like this : 

Step 2 : complete the test request form

Then, take the test request form and complete the sections in GREEN shown below. There are only TWO sections to complete :

  • Section 1 : please provide your forename, surname, title (Mrs, Mrs etc), gender (male or female : m/f), date of birth (DOB) and phone/email contact details
  • Section 2 : make a note of the date and time that the sample was taken

Step 3 : take the sample

Following the instructions, take the test sample. You will need to almost fill the test tube provided. Make sure you push the cap on fully once it has been filled, to prevent spillages.

After filling the tube, complete and attach the sticky label to the tube, showing your name & date of birth.

Step 4 : place the request form and sample in the reply-paid envelope

Place the labelled sample tube and your request form in the grey/striped return envelope. You can also return any spare lancets in this envelope. Then seal the envelope, make sure the pre-paid sticker is attached to the front and post at any Royal Mail post box or Post Office counter. There is no charge or postage required to return the sample.

And that's it!