The locals who have been lucky enough to receive a diagnosis in NI face the familiar struggle of a lack of access to testing, inadequate services and unhelpful clinicians.

Even more of the NI population is struggling in silence, unaware the pain and discomfort they're experiencing is GH. They don't know how to treat it, they're being misdiagnosed, their concerns are being undermined by uniformed clinicians. They don't know their lives, and the lives of their loved ones are potentially at risk.

Many of us carry the heavy burden of this genetic condition.

We all fear that we may pass it on to our children and grandchildren. We've seen our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents suffer without even knowing the cause.

But today, you have an opportunity to help change that. Right now.

Mass awareness and education is what's needed to start solving these issues. That could come from a high-profile national advertising campaign. Of course, we could never afford to do that, so it has never been an option...until now.

We now have a rare chance to make a major advertising campaign!

We've been working with an advertising agency in Belfast. They know we can't afford to fund a huge campaign, but they want to help anyway. They're donating their time for free. They've also called in favours from suppliers. Their contribution equates to tens of thousands of pounds so far. They've brought us tantalisingly close to making this campaign a reality…but there's still a shortfall.

We are so close to launching a huge campaign across NI TV, radio, newspapers, websites, billboards and social media. It’s projected to reach 70% of the NI population including 200,000 people who are at risk. Most of NI will know about haemochromatosis after this.

This campaign could change everything

It could unlock access to testing, drive policy changes, increase blood donations, and empower more people to understand their unique genetic makeup. It's a chance to save lives, prevent suffering, and bring our condition out of the shadows.

The ads are being produced right now and they'll soon be ready to go. They could go live across NI in just as a few weeks. We are so close. We just need one final fundraising push to get this over the line.

Without your help, the ads may never see the light of day

We don’t know if this chance will come around again. So we can’t let slip through our fingers.

For those of us in NI, this could be our legacy.

We could be the generation that brought mass awareness to GH in NI. We could be the last generation of people forced to fight to be diagnosed and be taken seriously. What if this ensured we're the last generation who faces GH in the dark, desperately lacking support and adequate services?

It's your chance to make history: please help

We understand times are tough, asking for financial support feels difficult. But we're bound by duty to ask, because this is an unprecedented opportunity for the entire haemochromatosis community, both current sufferers and future generations.

We're asking for anything you can spare – whether it's £50, £25 or even £10. Every contribution gets us one step closer to funding NI's biggest-ever awareness campaign for haemochromatosis.

Please click the ‘donate’ button above and help make history

Thank you so much for your support – we do not take it for granted – and whether they realise it or not, everyone affected by GH in NI will owe you a debt of gratitude.

Let's cross our fingers we can make this happen before it’s too late.

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