As of 24th March, everyone should #StaySafeStayHome - please STAY AT HOME.

For more details, please read this important update from UK government (published 23rd March)

Social distancing means :

  • avoiding gatherings of friends and family
  • avoiding large gatherings (eg pubs, cinemas, restaurants, churches)
  • avoiding non-essential use of public transport - work from home, if possible
  • avoiding contact with anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus

It is important to self-isolate or practise social distancing as it :

  • reduces your chances of becoming infected with Covid-19
  • reduces the chances of passing the infection on to someone else

Any healthcare system (including the NHS) will struggle to care for a large number of simultaneous Covid-19 cases. This video (courtesy of TheSpinoff) shows that when people self-isolate it greatly reduces the transmission of the virus to other people. So #StayHomeStayWell.

How do I self-isolate?

This short video from the BBC explains how in 90 seconds.