At Haemochromatosis UK we provide advice and support to people with genetic haemochromatosis across the UK. We educate, inform and support people through our website and publications, social media, training for professionals and our public awareness campaigns.

We are seeking enthusiastic and skilled volunteers with an interest in Haemochromatosis to help provide information on our Social Media support groups and Twitter.

Volunteer Moderator

As a volunteer moderator you will help signpost our community to the relevant sections on the website if they have asked a question. Delete any comments not in line with the group rules and acceptable usage policy. Block or mute participants if necessary.  The purpose of this role is to maximise our impact and enable us to offer support services to as many people as possible, whilst directing participants to correct information.

What are the benefits of being a Volunteer?

  • Development of communication skills
  • Free training relevant to the role will be provided
  • Use your skills and experience to contribute to the success of Haemochromatosis UK
  • References to add to your CV
  • Be part of a team of volunteers and meet new people

What is the time commitment? 

  • The role is ongoing and can be completed at any time 24/7 which is convenient to the volunteer (weekends and evenings tend to be busier). For one week at a time on the rota.

What's Involved?

  • Help Haemochromatosis UK to moderate social media channels.
  • Respond appropriately to questions and signpost to HUK website, though with regard this is a public forum.
  • Stimulate and guide constructive discussion, without giving medical advice
  • Post appropriate links
  • Block or mute participants if necessary, in consultation with staff.
  • Delete any comments not inline with group rules or acceptable usage policy and of factually incorrect.
  • Adopt and adhere to the procedures and standards set out in the acceptable use and social media policies.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Protect the Charity’s brand and reputation.
  • Honour the time commitments you make and to give reasonable notice if this is not possible.
  • To approve posts.

What's NOT involved?

  • Give medical advice.
  • Answer personal messages or in-depth questions from members of the group by email, telephone, or private message. Ask them to contact the helpline
  • Share your personal experience or any personal details.
  • Approve prospective members or people who wish to join the group (HUK staff will do this)

What skills are useful in this role? 

  • To be able to communicate effectively, show empathy and patience.
  • Have a good understanding of confidentiality.
  • The ability to work equally well in a team and unsupervised.
  • An interest in, knowledge of or willingness to learn about haemochromatosis.
  • Knowledge of HUK website and Charity.

What equipment is needed?

  • A computer or smartphone with access to the internet.
  • Social media account (Facebook/Twitter)

What support will be given?

  • Volunteer induction and training
  • On-going support by an allocated person from Haemochromatosis UK
  • Periodic volunteer meetings (quarterly).
  • Opportunities to help on the email and telephone Helpline.
  • Opportunities to become involved in other Haemochromatosis UK activities.

Terms and Conditions

To become a Volunteer, you must also complete and read:

  • A signed copy of our Volunteer agreement
  • A copy of our Social Media Policy
  • A copy of our Helpline Policy 
  • A copy of our acceptable usage policy 
  • A copy of our safeguarding policy 
  • A copy of our data protection and privacy policy
  • A copy of our anti-harassment/bullying and safeguarding policy
  • 6 months of membership to the Support group.
  • Membership of HUK.
  • Interview before commencement
  • 1 month trial period.

As a volunteer you will be a valued part of Hemochromatosis UK and your efforts will contribute to improving the lives of people with haemochromatosis.

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