Our Membership Administrator, Vicki, was a primary school teacher before she joined our team. She's gathered together a range of resources for parents and guardians who are home-schooling children due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Explaining Coronavirus to Kids

Here's a website that is running courses for children coping with changesLearn how to provide playful and engaging social emotional learning (SEL) support to children affected by COVID-19 disruptionhttps://www.futurelearn.com/courses/coping-with-changes 


Kids of all ages

If you’re looking for ideas of how to pass the time with your kids, this is a great crowd-sourced "Giant List of Ideas For Being Home With Kids".

These websites have a range of printable resources :

Websites with online educational games

  • Phonics Play : Phonics, spelling games and activities (They are giving free access - username: march20 password: home)
  • ICT Games : Lots of Maths and English activities
  • Topmarks :  has the maths game ‘hit the button’ which is popular in schools
  • Phonics Bloom  : fun with phonics!
  • The Maths Factor : Carol Voderman's educational resources, now free during Covid-19 outbreak!

Websites for Science

  • Science Kids : Fun science activities and experiments to do at home with equipment you will already have
  • Ducksters : Science information and activities

Websites for exercise and dances

  • GoNoodle :  Fun exercises and dances to do to keep the children active
  • Joe Wicks :  Daily PE lesson on You tube or click on one of previous videos for kids to join in with @thebodycoach
  • Just Dance Kids on You tube : For fun dances and exercises with music. A variety on you tube
  • Cosmic Yoga : Yoga videos designed for kids aged 3+

Websites for ICT

Adventures to keep things interesting & fun

  • This is a 28 day planner with lots of educational - and fun - ideas for activities