Every year we depend on people taking part in events and challenges to raise funds in the fight against iron overload. This is a round-up of all the wonderful people currently raising funds for us.

To visit and perhaps support people follow these links (these pages will change and be added to over time.)

Anyone can set up a fundraising/sponsorship page on our website on this link: https://www.haemochromatosis.org.uk/Pages/Fundraisers/.

For inspiration you can look on our fundraising events page - or choose something else entirely. If you have any questions just get in touch [email protected].

We do recommend using our own site for fundraising pages, but if you prefer we are also registered with JustGiving. (Important to note on JustGiving that 'tippping' JustGiving is entirely voluntary, but any tip needs to be removed before the checkout or it will be added automatically to the donation - we don't receive money from tips). When you use our fundraising pages we may also be able to send you a fundraisers goodie pack.