The sporting event involving over a dozen Irish construction firms have preparations underway for the next events in the series, in support of our education/awareness programme. 

The condition – genetic haemochromatosis or better explained as iron overload – can be fatal if left untreated and commonly affects those from an Irish background, with 1 in 5 people from Ireland at risk. Rival firms have come together to raise awareness of the cause which is so common yet unknown to many. 

Oliver Connell have proved front runners in The Iron Games 2019, taking home two out of four of the Iron Cups – for the Gaelic football and the hurling, despite some heavy challenges from competing teams. 

ECL Civil Engineering were the winning team in the heated soccer round, beating out their competition and taking home one of four Iron Cups. 

However, the rest of the teams in the competition are prepared and ready to take home the final Iron Cup at the golf tournament tomorrow at Aldenham Golf Club. 

Another exciting element to the 2019 Iron Games is that the winners of the Gaelic football, Oliver Connell will go up against the winners of the Irish Iron Games Gaelic competition on Friday 20th September 2019 at Croke Park in Dublin! 

Funds from The Iron Games have helped create a three-year Genetic Haemochromatosis Education Programme, making more healthcare professionals aware of the condition. The Iron Games quite literally will be saving lives through a show of sportsmanship! 

Get involved in The Iron Games 2020: [email protected]

Companies that have taken part in The Iron Games are: 

JRL Group, Oliver Connell, Ground Construction Limited, J.Murphy and Sons, Toureen Group, J.Coffey Construction, Careys Foundation, ECL Civil Engineering, JB Structures.

Other sponsors of The Iron Games 2019 are: 

TMD Insurance, Irish in Britain, The Irish Post, The Irish World, London Irish Centre, Cara Stationary.