Flushed with success after winning the prestigious Nurse of the Year Award in March, our team have been working on a new eLearning module for nurses and healthcare practitioners. The module helps nurses understand the genetics of haemochromatosis, plus best practice venesection care and aspects of blood and needle phobia.

Last month we trialled the module with 30 nurses from around the country. This was some of the feedback :

  • "Very good course, learned a lot from it."
  • "Simple, user friendly and easy to digest...covering all aspects of GH"
  • "The content altogether was very informative...it’s great that haemochromatosis is slowly becoming more well known."

Nurses trialling the course were tested on their GH knowledge before and afterwards. We saw an average 44% improvement in knowledge and understanding from those who completed the course.

The Royal College of Nursing have accredited the module from 6th May 2021. Any nurse or healthcare practitioner who completes the module and the post-course assessment successfully gains a certificate of completion worth 4 CPD hours. We are delighted that the course has been accredited, so that nurses taking the online course can receive valuable continuing professional development points (CPD) for their efforts.

The RCN accreditation team praised the module :

"this is a valuable opportunity to learn/update on the most common genetic condition for Caucasians in the UK....it's easy to access, stable, well-paced learning with the A&P, genetics and pathophysiology embedded into the learning.  Patient care, videos, and time out activities made the learning more real and relevant."

This free course for nurses and healthcare practitioners is available here.