On the first May Bank Holiday Monday, BBC One broadcast a programme about the charity's genetic testing service.

It features our member Lorna, patrons Stephen McGann and Heidi Thomas (of Call the Midwife fame) and our CEO Neil McClements talking about the consequences of late diagnosis and why #EarlyDiagnosisSavesLives.

Stephen McGann talked about his family's experience when an Uncle started behaving out-of-character "...they found this condition that nobody had heard of...haemochromatosis".

Subsequently, thanks to the charity's genetic testing service, both Stephen & Heidi have been tested "it's so important for families to be tested", he said.

Happily, for Stephen's family, prompt treatment led to a good outcome. But in Lorna's family, a delayed diagnosis for her cousin Miranda tragically proved too late - "At diagnosis, her ferritin was not far off 5,000. GH had done huge amounts of damage to her...."

Miranda died suddenly last Spring, aged just 59.

"If she had known when she was twenty, she would be here now" said Lorna, a supporter of our recent Aberdeenshire screening campaign.

BBC Scotland presenter Gordon Smart said "The charity makes it quite easy to be tested...The good news is that it's easy to diagnose and treat."

This coverage had been several weeks in the making. It's just one of the many HUK stories featured on TV, radio and in the press this year.

You can watch the show on iPlayer from 4 mins 35 seconds.