We're delighted to announce the winner of the 2021 Fernau Medical Research Award.

The award has been made to Dr Janice Atkins of University of Exeter Medical School, to fund a project investigating the epidemiological outcomes of ill-health caused by genetic haemochromatosis. This work will focus on establishing the rates of excess ill-health for a range of conditions, known to be experienced by people affected by genetic haemochromatosis.

We hope that an improved understanding of the consequences of genetic haemochromatosis will aid our ability as a charity to engage policy-makers and elected representatives in our mission to improve the rates and ages of people diagnosed with the condition, whilst improving the care pathways for those affected.

Janice is a Research Fellow, who joined the University of Exeter Medical School in October 2015. Janice is part of Professor David Melzer’s Epidemiology and Public Health research group, whose research focuses on the analysis of conventional, biochemical and genomic risk factors of ageing and age-related diseases. Her recent research on liver cancer caused by genetic haemochromatosis has bene widely cited by other academics and referenced broadly in the media.

Prior to joining the University of Exeter, Janice undertook a PhD at University College London, funded by the National Institute for Health Research School for Primary Care Research (NIHR SPCR). Janice’s PhD explored the effects of body composition and dietary patterns on the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality in older age, using longitudinal data from the British Regional Heart Study.

Our charity remains committed to supporting medical research into genetic haemochromatosis, both by academics and healthcare practitioners :