Following many months of research, our latest reports are about to be published.

These reports have been developed in collaboration with Salma Ali and Maureen Ng'etich, who spent the summer working at Haemochromatosis UK as Health Data Research interns, in collaboration with the 10k Black Interns Project.

An analysis of genetic haemochromatosis treatment approaches across the UK
In this report, we discuss the results of a survey on genetic haemochromatosis treatment approaches.

The effects of genetic haemochromatosis on mental health: a post COVID-19 pandemic study
People with genetic haemochromatosis are at greater risk of suffering with poor mental health than the general population. The report shows how mental health issues vary by biological sex and genotype.

The effects of genetic haemochromatosis screening on screening participants

This study, to be published in December 2022, demonstrates that screening for genetic haemochromatosis neither attracts the worried well nor causes anxiety.

We look forward to discussing the conclusions of these reports with policymakers and elected representatives over the coming months.