Michael Baker has achieved his goal to run a marathon in honour of his Dad Mick Baker.


Michael was due to run the Great North Run this year but due to Covid-19 this had been cancelled. Not to be deterred, Michael kept up his training and decided to do a half marathon around his home town of Loughborough. Michael ran his half marathon on Sunday 13th September 2020.

But why do a marathon in the first place?

Michael wanted to do something to raise money for a charity close to his heart and in memory of his dad Mick.

Michael's dad had been officially diagnosed with Haemochromatosis about three years ago. For people unfamiliar with this genetic condition, it is when someone has excessively high blood iron levels. His dad would attend hospital every two weeks to have some blood removed and this helped to bring down his iron levels over time (though by the time he passed away they were still really high).

Unfortunately high blood iron levels are a big risk factor for other complications, most notably liver disease, and in November 2019 his Dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. His condition deteriorated quickly and before the family knew it, Michael's dad had passed away.

"Dad was an incredibly caring person and a wonderful Dad for whom I owe so many happy memories and so much too".

"The Great North Run (half marathon) was an opportunity to commemorate my dad's life in a part of the world where he saw me win an English Schools Athletics title and multiple medals. It feels very fitting that my first fund raising for my Dad and Haemochromatosis UK is in this part of the world".

So far Michael has raised just over £1800 in his fundraising efforts. And you can help support him further by clicking on this link  to his fundraising appeal page.

All of the team at Haemochromatosis UK would like congratulate Michael on his fantastic achievement of completing his half marathon and the amazing fundraising he has achieved so far. He is a true superstar!