Over the past few months, our families forum has been meeting regularly to develop new resources for children and young people affected by genetic haemochromatosis. 

Iron overload, is perceived as an adult-onset condition. Up 'til now, there have been no resources to explain the condition to children with haemochromatosis or young people whose family members are affected.  So we set out to explain genetic haemochromatosis to youngsters in a lively, age-appropriate way for the first time. 

The first fruits of this work are a collaboration with the specialist communications team at Envision. The result? Our new booklets for 8-13 year olds - "GH explained".

We have free copies available for :

  • families
  • teachers
  • youth groups
  • schools
  • NHS GPs
  • NHS hospitals

...and others working with children. The first 100 copies have already been distributed to Birmingham Women's & Children's Hospital, for their juvenile GH clinic. 

Haemochromatosis UK members can simply contact our office (quoting your membership number) to request a free copy. Thanks to the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation these booklets are also available in our new schools packs for teachers, youth groups, hospitals and GP surgeries. 

This work has been generously supported by Envision, the FB Coales (No 4) Family Trust and the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation.