Next month, we will be introducing a new genetic testing service for members' families. 

Early diagnosis of genetic haemochromatosis saves lives. Yet many people struggle unnecessarily to get family members tested through the NHS. Commercial services are expensive and there are concerns about the quality, privacy and efficacy of some services available in the UK.

Prevention of ill-health is better than cure. We hope this service helps people understand their own risks of iron overload - and to live well with the condition if they have it. We have partnered with a MHRA-accredited laboratory to offer genetic testing by post for the most common variants of genetic haemochromatosis (c282y, h63d).

This initiative compliments existing NHS services; if someone tested is found to have genetic haemochromatosis, their onwards care is the responsibility of the NHS.

We are partnering with a MHRA-accredited laboratory partner. They specialise in genetic testing and work with numerous NHS trusts, including University College London, King’s College London and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Last year, they processed over 40 million samples in the UK, seven-days-a-week.

Here's how it works...

  • Order a testing kit online - we'll send you a test kit by post
  • Do the test and pop the sample it in the pre-paid post 
  • We send you and your GP the results within 2 weeks 
  • Arrange an appointment with our Advanced Nurse Practitioner to discuss the results

Plus - continued support from us when or if you need it.

We've explained this new service for members in more detail here, including :

We are despatching test kits weekly, in the sequence in which we receive the orders.

This service costs just £39 for members (with over 3 months of membership) as a heavily subsidised benefit of membership.

Order a test kit

Test kit orders are subject to these terms & conditions.