It's a year since the launch of our collaboration with NHS Blood & Transplant to introduce a special GH donors scheme in England. 

To celebrate, NHS BT are running a week-long co-branded media campaign during World Haemochromatosis Week featuring two of our members (including our amazing Volunteer and Social Media Community Manager, Elizabeth), who now regularly enjoy venesection at a blood donor venue rather than in hospital, helping others with their blood.

Matthew Jones, Assistant Director for Blood Operations at NHSBT, says:

We are continuingly developing our blood donation processes to be as  quick and easy as possible. It’s been great working collaboratively with Haemochromatosis UK to improve our service and help spread the message to haemochromatosis patients to come and donate blood. We hope to see more patients at blood donation sessions in the future.

Dr Naim Akhtar, Consultant Haematologist & Donor Medicine at NHSBT, says:

We have always supported haemochromatosis patients donating blood through the blood service where possible, so it gives me great pleasure to have been able to make changes to the eligibility criteria over the last year allowing more patients the chance to donate blood through NHSBT services and help save lives. 

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