Time flies, doesn't it? It's just a year since we started providing subsidised genetic testing to charity members.

We had heard so many stories of people being turned away from genetic testing via their GP, but how many people would be interested in practice...? Not sure - maybe 10 or 15 people per month...there can't be that many, surely?

We were wrong. Very wrong. 

We arranged testing in the first month for over 100 people. Since then, the service has grown month-on-month. Now we help hundreds of families every month.

So, to mark this milestone, we've created a new video which takes a peek inside the lab.

Every test is subsidised by our charity, thanks to our fundraising team, and comes complete with a 45 minute appointment with Diogo, our Advance Nurse Practitioner to chat through the results.

Here are just some of the recent messages of feedback :

  • “Well done on bringing affordable and accessible testing to those who need it”
  • “It’s a great initiative as we had struggled to get genetic testing for our sons with our GP following my husband’s diagnosis 2 years ago. My sons have both tested positive…”
  • “An excellent service enabling myself to get a diagnosis as GP do not test. My mum has high iron levels for years and her GP’s will not test.”
  • “Fast efficient service. Clear explanation in the letter. Really glad to be able to use the follow up ANP service to discuss the results.”

HUK members can ordered up to THREE genetic test kits at the subsidised rate of £39 per kit. Order yours here