On Friday 6 September 2019, at Aldenham Golf Club, the golf tournament of The Iron Games 2019 took place.

Over the past few months, UK based Irish Construction Firms have competed, head to head to see who will take home the Iron Cups for four sporting tournaments: Gaelic football, hurling, soccer and now golf.

A huge thank you goes out to all the teams as there has been a competitive spirit between the teams as well as a great display of sportsmanship, as all of the firms have come together a second year to support the Haemochromatosis UK and the Genetic Haemochromatosis Education Programme.

Oliver Connell have proved front runners in the competition, winning both Gaelic football and the hurling. At the soccer event, ECL Civil Engineering secured a win for themselves and took home their own Iron Cup. At the golf event, it was fair to say that the rest of the companies involved wanted to secure the final iron cup of the year, but it was Careys who took the win.

Corrina Towers, Chairperson at HUK commented: “I’m delighted that Careys got to lift the winning trophy at the Iron Games golf finale held at the Aldenham Golf & Country Club. They had come close to winning in the recent hurling event so it was great to see them triumph at the golf event. Each of the 2019 Iron Games teams has shown true sportsmanship and a winning spirit as they have generously supported Haemochromatosis UK in our important and ongoing awareness raising and educational activities.

She added: “The Iron Games 2019 has been a great success and we give our sincere thanks to everybody involved; donors, players, supporters and organisers. I’m looking forward now to the Iron Games 2020, as we already have new competitors interested.”

Oliver Connell not only won the Gaelic football but will also compete in a Grand Final at Croke Park – where the UK construction firm will go head to head with a team from the Irish Iron Games. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to take The Iron Games across the pond, and for Haemochromatosis UK to be supported in such a way by the sponsors of the games.

“So far the 2019 Iron Games have not disappointed with great camaraderie evident in all events as well as some superb sporting skill on show! The chance to play England vs. Ireland Iron Games Gaelic football match at Croke Park is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which we and Toureen, the Iron Games sponsors, will be cheering on the team from Oliver Connell. Here’s to this exciting milestone event on 20 September which will go a way towards raising awareness of genetic haemochromatosis in both countries.”  –  Corrina Towers, Chairperson at Haemochromatosis UK

Looking ahead to 2020 Iron Games – plans are that it will be even bigger with hopes to raise more money and give more companies a chance to be crowned the winners and take home iron cups for: golf, hurling, soccer and Gaelic football.

If you want to get involved, get in touch via: [email protected]

If you or your employer are interested in running your own event in aid of Haemochromatosis UK, just contact [email protected] and we’ll be delighted to help with planning, resources and ideas!

Companies that have taken part in all of The Iron Games are:

JRL Group, Oliver Connell, Ground Construction Limited, J.Murphy and Sons, Toureen Group, J.Coffey Construction, Careys Foundation, ECL Civil Engineering, JB Structures.

Other sponsors of The Iron Games 2019 are:

TMD Insurance, Irish in Britain, The Irish Post, The Irish World, London Irish Centre, Cara Stationary.