It is always sad to lose a loved one.

Nothing a charity can say or do will change the way family and friends feel about their loss.

However many people ask for donations to be made to a charity on their behalf instead of family and friends purchasing flowers for a funeral, or simply as a way of remembering them on future anniversaries.

By making a gift in memory of a loved one, you can help Haemochromatosis UK turn sadness into hope.

If you would like this to happen it is worth considering a request for your Executor(s) to arrange this, which can be written into your Will alongside your other preferences for funeral arrangements.

If you are arranging such a collection in memory of a loved one please let us know. We can provide suitable envelopes and leaflets explaining to donors where the money is being used, for funerals and memorials - please contact our office for further details.

Often a Funeral Director will arrange a collection and forward funds to us as part of their service to the family. We will always acknowledge such gifts to the Funeral Director and to family if so requested.