This online eLearning module provides an overview of genetic haemochromatosis, including the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and management of the condition.

This learning and development initiative has been accredited by the Royal College of Nursing through to May 2024. Upon successful completion of the module and post-course assessment, Haemochromatosis UK will issue a certificate of completion for 4 CPD hours. Accreditation applies only to the educational content and not to any product. RCN cannot confirm competence of any practitioner.

What is genetic haemochromatosis?

Genetic haemochromatosis (GH), also known as hereditary haemochromatosis is a relatively common but underdiagnosed condition. Due to the generic nature of early symptoms, diagnosis can be missed, misdiagnosed, or diagnosed late. Late diagnosis increases the risk of the development of serious complications. Increasing nurses’ knowledge of this condition can lead to earlier diagnosis, allowing for timely treatment and possible reduction in GH related complications. This module will also give an overview regarding the psychological aspects of being diagnosed with a hereditary condition, which can require lifelong treatment.

Aims and learning outcomes

The aim of this module is to provide an overview of GH, exploring the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and management of this condition. The possible complications of treatment will be examined to allow nurses to consider the physical and psychological aspects that should be addressed when managing those diagnosed with this condition.

After completing the module and time out activities you should be able to:

  • Give a definition of GH
  • Describe the signs and symptoms that might indicate GH
  • Identify the blood tests required to diagnose GH and be able to interpret the results
  • Discuss the implications of GH on those diagnosed with the condition and their family and/or carers
  • Consider the psychological impact regarding lifelong treatment

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The first step of the module is to undertake a short assessment to test your current understanding of genetic haemochromatosis. We'll score your answers and you will receive an email with your grade.

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At the end of this module, you'll be asked to complete another brief assessment. Completion of both tests is an important aspect of the module and CPD points are only awarded after both elements are successfully completed.

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Next Steps

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