Matt, 62, Leicester


I was diagnosed after undergoing blood tests for an unrelated issue. Suddenly, I had an explanation for the tiredness and joint pain that I had experienced - I’d always put this down to having a busy lifestyle and my job as a police officer.


When I first found out about haemochromatosis, I can honestly say that I’d never heard of it and wasn’t aware of anyone I knew who had it. That was one of the reasons I decided to join Haemochromatosis UK. I’d found out about it when I got my diagnosis and wanted to learn more about how to take care of myself and manage this condition I’d never heard of.


A lack of knowledge and awareness in general makes it difficult for people to get diagnosed - like me, they just associate the feelings of being tired or achy with the stresses of day to day life. After my diagnosis, It took a while for me to get my levels under control because they were so high. For anyone else out there who’s finding it difficult after their diagnosis, I’d definitely tell them to persevere and continue with their treatment.


My medical team is absolutely fantastic and I’m fortunate to have them overseeing and carrying out my care. They tell me that they also regularly attend conferences hosted by Haemochromatosis UK and say these are invaluable to keep up with the latest developments in haemochromatosis, research and treatments.