Haemochromatosis UK Friends have a special relationship with our charity over and above membership of the charity.  We really value your decision to be a member of the charity but when you become a Friend of our charity it means you want to do more for the haemochromatosis cause.

Before setting up your regular monthly donation - please complete the Friend registration form here, Become a Haemochromatosis UK Friend today.

When we reached out recently to one of our current Friends, Sarah Vousden to ask why she continued to be a Haemochromatosis UK Friend she said:Sarah Vousden, a Haemochromatosis UK Friend

I give monthly as a Haemochromatosis UK Friend as it gives me peace of mind that those who are newly diagnosed get the support they need.

The charity provided a wealth of information, and support. They supported my siblings when they were being tested and when my mother died. They continue to support my (teenage) children too as they navigate their journey. I feel I’m simply paying it forward

In return for your regular support through a monthly donation* we will send you a HUK Friend Pack and you will benefit from priority access to events, campaigns and unique HUK Friends activities.    

This Haemochromatosis UK Friend Initiative is a relaunch of our Friends Against Iron Overload campaign. 

Once everything is set up, we will send you some cool stuff in a welcome pack including: 

  • FeFe keyring bear  
  • Pin badge  
  • Haemochromatosis UK +FE red and white wristband
  • Haemochromatosis UK Car sticker
  • Magic Scratch card (chance to win £100)
  • Syringe Pen  
  • Haemochromatosis UK Sticky Notes
  • Haemochromatosis UK Community Awareness Kit 
  • Seasonal Decoration

Plus in future you will also receive: 

  • exclusive or priority access to events through a new HUK Friends Programme 
  • Regular Haemochromatosis UK Friend Chats
  • Priority access to speak with our CEO

+ Our heartfelt thanks for your generosity and support. 

Be a Friend today and we will work together to make iron overload a thing of the past.  

*We do ask for a donation of at least £5/month to receive a Friend Pack. We trust that you understand that a Friend's Pack will be sent after your third monthly Direct Debit is received - but you will receive confirmation of your gift when it is made. You can also also choose not to have a Friend Pack sent if you prefer. 

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