Our charity has launched a free genetic counselling service of members, to provide information, support and advice to people about the family consequences of haemochromatosis.

This follows our research study in the Autumn of 2019, which showed that many people affected by genetic haemochromatosis have difficulty in accessing specialist genetic counselling services through the NHS.

Yet, those people who have received genetic counselling found it helpful to understand their condition and also any potential risk or concerns for immediate family members.

This service is provided in-house by our Registered Genetic Counsellor, Helen Bethell (GCRB number 354). Helen has worked for many years in the NHS Northern Genetics Service, based in the North-East. She has extensive experience of helping people understand their genetics and the possible implications for family members, following diagnosis.

Helen has recorded a helpful webinar on what genetic counselling is about and what a typical counselling session involves.