In July 2020, Mike Fletcher (61) is riding his motorbike “To Hell and Beyond” to raise awareness and money for Haemochromatosis UK. 

Hell exists! It is a small town in Norway, just outside of Trondheim. Apart from its amusing name, its attraction as a destination is that it sits amidst some of the most scenic and enjoyable biking roads to be found anywhere.

What could be a better excuse to hit the road than to help the cause of raising awareness of iron overload and have fun on the way?

On this trip, Mike will be aiming to ride from his home in Shropshire, via Holland, Germany, and Denmark, through the mountains and fjords of Norway all the way to the Arctic Circle, wild camping along the way. If all goes well, the plan is to push on to the North Cape – the most northerly point accessible by road in Scandinavia and the land of the midnight sun - a total of approximately 5-6,000 miles there and back, taking two to three weeks.

Mike only received his diagnosis of C282Y GH in 2018, after four years of reporting symptoms and repeated high iron count results.