I am very honoured to have been selected by Haemochromatosis UK to run for the charity in this year's London Marathon. I have pushed myself a few times to run half marathons, but this will be my first full marathon and I am very excited about it. I am a keen runner and eager to test myself with a marathon. Knowing that I'll be helping to raise money for Haemochromatosis UK will hopefully be all the motivation I need to get myself around the route.

Haemochromatosis is a genetic condition that affects iron levels in the blood. In particular, it leads to the build-up of iron and can cause damage to various organs in the body. There's currently no cure for haemochromatosis but there are treatments available to reduce the amount of iron in the body and reduce the risk of damage.

Haemochromatosis UK are an awesome charity helping to raise awareness of this condition, as well as providing a huge amount of support to patients and their families.

Ben Woolner