After discovering that they share a genetic blood condition, the incomparably ridiculous Duncan Brothers premier their most personal show yet.

Blood Sword is a medieval fantasy epic that follows Andy and Rob's epic journey to harness the hidden power of their blood condition - an allegory of how the clown double act were tested, treated, and now manage their shared diagnosis.

An unhinged mythological story that simultaneously entertains and raises awareness for the disorder in partnership with Haemochromatosis UK.

‘Their most personal show yet…. this is crazy joy’ ★★★★ The Review Hub

Why Blood Sword?

After the genetic test and diagnosis, the brothers began the almost medieval treatment of regular bloodletting. The blood they gave had to be disposed of due to its high iron content, together they thought there must be a better use for this wasted blood. And so the idea was born: they shall extract the excess iron from their blood and forge a blood sword.

To make this dream a reality the clown duo from award-winning shows LEGS, LOGS, and JEREMY SEGWAY realised they should start by making a theatrical comedy show directed by their long-time collaborator Dan Lees.

The partnership with the Haemochromatosis UK means instead of just feeling lucky that they received a diagnosis before suffering serious symptoms, they can work to raise awareness and potentially help others get timely diagnoses and support related to the genetic condition.

Past Awards

Winner: CLONG - Biggest Idiot of Them All 2023 (Rob Duncan)
Winner: Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality 2019, (LEGS)

The Duncan Brothers: Blood Sword

DATES: 1 - 25 Aug (except 12)
TIMES: 9:30 pm
VENUE: Underbelly Cowgate (Big Belly)
Full: £11.75 - £12.75 / Concession: £10.75 - £11.75

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