What is your role in HUK?

Office and Membership Administrator

What is your background and how does that impact your work for HUK?

I used to be Marketing Manger for Fens Tourism promoting the Fens area of Lincolnshire as a holiday destination, and Project Manager for an company making businesses environmentally friendly before re training as a Primary School Teacher. I have taught mainly younger children during my 13 years as a teacher. I decided on a  change and felt working for a charity would be a good way to utilise my various skills. My past work has impacted in my HUK work as I have good customer service experience which helps when dealing with members and public calling or emailing the charity. I am very organised and have good administrative skills. I have great ideas for fundraising.

Why do you work for HUK?

I wanted to use my skills to make a difference to other people.  Helping people. A part-time job that fits in with my family and home life and is local to me.

Do you have a connection to GH?

No unfortunately not.

What is the best thing about working for HUK?

Working with a fab small team where we help and support each other. Also helping people to make a difference in their life by providing information or supporting people at their lowest point.

What are your most proud achievements working for HUK ?

Creating the minutes to the important APPG meetings. Comforting people and making  them feel better with their diagnosis.

What is the worst thing about working for HUK?

Hearing people so upset when they’ve lost a loved one or not getting the early diagnosis and their frustration.

Anything else to add bit about yourself ?

I am married to Julian and have a 11year old son called Harry. We have a Labrador dog called Jess who we take on long country walks. I have lived in Spalding all my life. I love flower arranging and making arrangements for friends and family. It’s a way for me to destress and relax.  My claim to fame is being the deputy Flower Queen at the Spalding Flower Parade in 2003. (a very big deal growing up in Spalding!!!)

Vicki is doing a Sky Dive for World Haemochromatosis Week on the 5th of June